Why Eyehear

When choosing an entertainment systems contractor, there are many factors to consider. Three factors which Eyehear brings to a project are Passion, Experience and Dependability.

Our passion for music fidelity and film reproduction gives us a large advantage over the competition. Brad and Mike entered the business over 20 years ago because of passion. It was icing on the cake that we could actually make a living doing what we love to do.

With 75-plus years of collective experience, we have worked on many large-scale projects. We have seen competitors come and go during this time frame. When choosing a builder, most clients do not want their project to be the first one the builder has done. It should be no different with their entertainment contractor.

Eyehear has many repeat clients and several have trusted us with multiple six-figure projects. They use us repeatedly because they know that they can count on us to finish the job and provide unmatched service after the install.

When a dedicated home theater is planned, we prefer to be involved early on at the architectural level.  At this time it’s not too late to address room dimensions and potential acoustical challenges. For most other new construction projects, we generally begin wiring for speakers, keypads, lighting, etc. prior to insulation and sheet rock installation. That being said, we are happy to assist you with your project at any stage. In addition to new construction projects, we have a number of options for retrofitting existing homes with audio, video, lighting and automation solutions. Please feel free to drop by our office or email your home drawings, plans and/or blueprints for suggestions and a preliminary quote.


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