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Lighting Design

Creating a space that feels like home means more than selecting wall colors and furnishings — it's fundamentally about illuminating your space thoughtfully. Strategic lighting not only showcases your Northwest Montana home's architectural marvels, emphasizes premium furniture, and vivifies color schemes; it also profoundly impacts your daily living by uplifting your mood and improving your productivity. Engaging a lighting design expert like Eyehear ensures your home's lighting and smart control systems are perfectly attuned to both your luxury lifestyle and the unique ambiance of your residence.

The Importance of Specialized Lighting Design

For many, the idea of hiring a dedicated lighting designer might seem unconventional, especially if you've traditionally depended on electrical engineers or interior designers for such insights. However, relegating lighting to a secondary concern risks it becoming overlooked and underutilized in your living spaces. A specialized lighting designer unites the worlds of art, science, and technology, offering custom-tailored lighting solutions that elevate not just the aesthetics but the overall experience of your home.

  • Continuously educated on advanced lighting innovations for state-of-the-art applications
  • Expert methodologies convert unseen light into an element of architectural beauty
  • Comprehensive knowledge of physics, optics, electrical standards, and environmental considerations
  • Reduced equipment expenditures through strategic bids and collaborations with manufacturers
  • Preliminary cost evaluations identify lighting strategies that minimize both equipment and labor expenses
  • Detail-oriented team designs visionary lighting solutions aligned with your home and lifestyle aspirations

A Spectrum of Color Temperature

Lighting Tones

1,700 K

Embrace the serenity of the evening with the soft, calming glow of match flame red lighting.

2,700 - 3,300 K

Accentuate warm interior tones and wood details with cozy, soft white illumination.

4,100 - 4,150 K

Maintain focus in work or cooking with crisp, cool white illumination.

5,500 - 6,000 K

Lift your spirits and interior aesthetics with bright, daytime lighting.

6,500 K

Illuminate living areas with the fresh luminosity of overcast daylight.

15,000 - 27,000 K

Energize high-activity spaces with the vibrant clarity of clear blue light.

1,850 K

Set the mood for intimate evenings with the warm allure of candlelight or sunset shades.

3,000 K

Cultivate a tranquil ambiance for reading or relaxing with neutral white light.

5,000 K

Highlight art and enhance security with the sharp clarity of daylight tones.

6,200 K

Experience the invigorating brightness of natural sunlight with blue-white light.

6,500 - 10,500 K

Focus intensely with blue tones ideal for main working areas.
Lighting Tones

1,700 K

Match flames & low-pressure sodium lamps

2,700 - 3,300 K

Incandescent lamps & soft-white flourescent lamps

4,100 - 4,150 K

Moonlight; cool-white lamps

5,500 - 6,000 K

Vertical daylight

6,500 K

Daylight; overcast fluorescent lamps

15,000 - 27,000 K

Daylight; overcast fluorescent lamps

1,850 K

Candle Flame, sunrise, sunset

3,000 K

Warm-white fluorescent lamos

5,000 K

Horizon daylight

6,200 K

Xenon short-arc lamp

6,500 - 10,500 K

LCD or CRT Screen

Illuminate with Layers

Avoid the pitfalls of flat lighting by embracing ambient, task, and accent lighting for a space that’s visually dynamic and adaptable.
Ambient Light
Fill your rooms with a gentle glow using natural light, recessed fixtures, or hanging pendants.
Task Lighting
Illuminate specific tasks with targeted lighting from pendants, desk lamps, or under-cabinet fixtures.
Accent Lighting
Showcase art, photographs, and architectural nuances with lights three times brighter than your ambient layer.
  • Daytime

    Embrace productivity with a "Daytime" scene that awakens bright, white-blue ambient and task lighting at 9 am, setting the stage for focused work in your home office.

  • Bedtime

    Wind down with a "Bedtime" scene, activating from your bedside to dim lights and introduce a warm, soothing orange hue, preparing you for restful sleep.

  • Entertaining

    Spark life into gatherings with a "Party" scene, illuminating your kitchen and living areas in vibrant white-blue, with added outdoor lighting to extend the festivities.

  • Movie Night

    Create the ultimate cinema experience with a "Movie Night" scene that dims lights and activates soft floor lighting for safe, uninterrupted enjoyment.


For an integrated lighting strategy to flourish, incorporating a diverse array of fixtures is key. This ensures even, layered illumination that enhances every facet of your home life.
Linear pendants
Linear pendants and downlights
Home theater lighting
Outdoor lighting
Lighting in dinning room
Lighting fixtures
Lighting design
Bedroom lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting
Ketra breakfast bar lighting
Lighting in dinning room
Outdoor lighting
Coastal Source outdoor lighting
Media Room lighting
Kitchen lighting

Home Lighting Automation

Masterful control is essential for reaching the full potential of your lighting strategy. With home lighting automation, seamlessly orchestrate the many fixtures of your Whitefish, MT home, achieving elegant layering and consistency across spaces. Embrace centralized control for intuitive, customized management via your chosen devices, simplifying installation and maintaining a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic.
Lutron Living Room Interface


Choose high-end control systems with bespoke interfaces on touchpads or mobile apps. Navigate your lighting effortlessly with graphic menus, adjust settings with a tap, and save preferred scenes for instant access.
Lutron HomeWorks Processor


Your system's processor ensures swift, flawless communication between controls and fixtures. Select a processor tailored to your home's needs for immediate responsiveness to every command.
Lutron Dimmer

Dimming Panels

Opt for centralized dimming panels for sophisticated control hidden away, minimizing wall clutter and enabling intricate programming, including fan and motor management.
Lutron Smart Dimmer

Smart Dimmers/Switches

Enhance control with smart dimmers and switches, simplifying commands and scenes into elegant keypads that blend seamlessly with your home’s design.


Elevate your living spaces with expert lighting design, merging unparalleled service with exquisite quality from conception to realization.


Seamlessly Integrate Sunlight with Motorized Blinds

Transform your living environment in Kalispell, MT, with the precision of Lutron automated shades, blinds, and drapes, operable with a simple press or set to adjust with the sun’s path. Choose from an exquisite selection of designer materials.


Integrating motorized shading enhances daily routines, improves climate efficiency, and offers advanced control over lighting, security, and privacy, all while complementing your home’s aesthetic. With a wide range of elegant fabrics and styles, tailor your shading solutions to elevate your decor seamlessly. Automated control lets you manage your home’s ambiance effortlessly, enriching your quality of life with ease.

  • Seamlessly blend lighting and shading systems for perfect illumination.
  • Automate living spaces for different lighting needs, enhancing control over natural light.
  • Enjoy synchronized shade adjustments for quiet, timely operation.
  • Simple controls offer everyone the joy of easy-to-use automated window treatments.

Discover The Perks of Motorized Blinds & Shading Control

Save Energy
Automate your shades for optimal sunlight use, reducing energy costs.
Use timers for automatic adjustments, maintaining the appearance of occupancy.
Select from a vast fabric collection to complement your interior and exterior design.
Manage privacy effortlessly with scheduled adjustments at key times.
Prevent UV damage to interiors with programmed shade movements.
Roman Shades
Lutron Shades
Lutron Shades
Roller Shades
Screen Innovations Outdoor Shades
Horizontal Sheer Shades
Lutron Shades
Cellular Shades
Blackout Shades
Screen Innovations Outdoor Shades
Lutron Shading
Lutron Shades
Screen Innovations Outdoor Shades
Screen Innovations Outdoor Shades


Partner with our lighting design and motorized shades specialists for a service that brings unparalleled luxury into your daily life, crafting spaces that glow with warmth and welcome.

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