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Enjoy Complete Control Over Natural Light with Motorized Shades

a living room with white sofas and motorized shades.

Make your home more private, comfortable, and energy efficient with motorized window treatments

Window treatments are one of the lesser talked about home additions. While they are considered essential, they often blend into the background. 

But motorized shades offer considerable advantages over conventional solutions. For starters, the shades throughout your home can be operated from one central hub, so that means no more manually opening or closing of the window treatments. And that is just one of the many benefits they have to offer. The noiseless, smooth function of the smart shades makes them a worthwhile investment for homes in Eureka, MT and throughout the Flathead Valley. 

Read on to discover how motorized window treatments can elevate your comfort, energy efficiency, and privacy. 

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A Lutron Dealer Can Make All the Difference in Your Lifestyle

a bedroom with lamps sitting on the bedside tables.

Discover the latest lighting and shading solutions by working with a Lutron installer

Lutron is one of the most trusted brands used in luxury homes. The smart, simple, and convenient lighting and shading solutions by Lutron are top-tier and remain the most popular choice by homeowners. 

A Lutron system is all you need if you wish to experience the true potential of lighting and shading. But to unlock the latest solutions, working with a Lutron dealer is essential. Read on to discover how working with Eyehear Technology Group, a Lutron Diamond dealer, can benefit your home in Kalispell, MT, or the Flathead Valley. 

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Experience a Luxury Lifestyle with Control4 Installation

a Control4 touch panel mounted on the wall of a living room.

Comfort, convenience, and security: Control4 offers an all-in-one solution

Control4 is one of the most widely used home automation systems available today. The main reason behind the company’s popularity is its convenient and user-friendly smart home interface. It is the ultimate control system that can connect to all of your home technologies. 

In addition, it offers flawless compatibility with thousands of third-party products, making it the perfect addition if you want to upgrade the level of luxury and control in your home. In other words, it doesn’t matter which brands or products you use at home; every device can be operated via Control4 installation

Read on to discover how Control4 home automation can enhance the lifestyle at your Polson, MT, home. 

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Enjoy the Ultimate, Immersive Home Audio Experience

A bedroom overlooking the mountains with in-ceiling speakers and a TV display descended from the ceiling.

A Whole Home Audio System Delivers High-Fidelity Sound Throughout Your Home

Imagine waking to your “Good Morning” playlist softly streaming through your bedroom. When you head into the kitchen, your favorite newscaster reports the day's events. As you prepare for work, your treasured Bruce Springsteen vinyl plays “Born to Run” throughout your home, high-fidelity audio filling the air. 

All this and much more is possible with a whole-home audio system. Let’s explore the makings of a distributed audio system and how it’s transforming homes in Eureka, MT, and the Flathead Valley. 

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