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Add Audiophile Quality Sound without Distracting from Aesthetics

Elegant and modern living room with hardwood floors, a gas fireplace, a wall-mounted TV, and invisible Sonance speakers

Discover How Invisible Speakers Maintain Clean Lines and an Open Floor Space

Music has a remarkable influence on motivation, inspiration, and how individuals feel. Regardless of how well built or designed, a house where music is “thin” or cannot fill the living spaces creates a sense of emptiness. However, Eyehear Technology Group can bring your home to life with a professional sound system installation. 

The design and decor of a home, from the architectural lines to the furnishings and personalized touches, are a reflection of a homeowner's desires and inner life. While dedicated listening rooms have their place, there is no need for bulky cabinets unless you enjoy tall floor-standing speakers. Invisible speakers add vibrancy and energy without taking up floor space. 

If you are looking for a better way to blend a passion for music with a highly tuned aesthetic at your Kalispell, MT home, click through to learn more. 

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Enliven Your Backyard With An Outdoor Sound System

Audiophile-Quality Music Makes The Move To Your Outdoor Spaces 

Outdoor entertaining at your Montana home is likely one of your great pleasures, especially because living in the city of Kalispell includes stunning mountain views, fresh air, and pristine waterways on the Flathead River. The freedom to expand living spaces beyond the walls of your smart home opens possibilities for all of your activities, from celebrating family milestones, enjoying game-day get-togethers, or just relaxing by the pool.

An outdoor speaker system generates the excitement, inspiration, and energizing power of your music without compromising quality. Whether it is a night under the stars or a lazy Sunday barbeque with the family, you can hear every detail and feel every low bass line. 

Are you ready to enjoy more of your outdoor spaces? Continue reading below to learn more.

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Design for Success, Partner with a Premier Home Theater Integrator


Discover How Working with Eyehear Exceeds Your Clients Expectations and Increases Value

The demand for new homes is greater than ever in Whitefish, MT, and the surrounding area. According to surveys, the reasons are multiple, partially looking for spaces that allow them to escape the grind of urban living and the freedom to truly breathe. 

The demographic of folks emigrating from the coasts also tend to skew professional and younger. This clientele is looking to enhance the small-town feel with contemporary amenities and expects smart home technologies as standard. High on the wish list are home theaters and dedicated media rooms.

When offering experiences that exceed expectations, you want a trusted partner with the highest industry certifications and staff passionate about getting the job done right. Are you looking for a team that satisfies potential homeowners' desires with a keen eye on margins? Continue reading below to find out how Eyehear is your best choice. 

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Improve Your Home With The Beauty and Benefits of Motorized Shades


Elevate Wellbeing, Save Energy, and Enhance Your Home  

Shades put the finishing touch on a room; without them, spaces can feel sparse and unwelcoming. The window treatments you choose convey style, ambiance, and a sense of elegance.  

Motorized shades provide more than fashion; they help minimize energy costs, protect your assets and complement your security system. Shades are a vital component in utilizing daylighting techniques for more human-centric lighting. When tied to a smart home controller, a house can regulate itself, furnishing you with the luxury of comfort and convenience.  

Are you curious about how automated shading systems can improve not just the look but the function of your home in Whitefish, MT? Continue Reading to find out more.  

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Enjoy Superior Whole-Home Audio with a Sonos System


Envelop Your Home in Audiophile-Level Sound Reproduction in Every Room  

Music is a profoundly passionate thing; it inspires, motivates, and centers us, providing a personal soundtrack throughout the day. It has been said that a single song can change your day so that you can take on the world.  

Research has shown that the act of listening to music elicits a response from nearly every region of the brain. Humans process sounds, especially rhythm and melody, in the primary language areas, our base “reptilian” cerebellum, and initiates the production of dopamine.  

A medium that has such a comprehensive effect on us requires a system that takes the reproduction of audio seriously. A Sonos system delivers audiophile quality sound throughout your home and outdoors.  

Are you ready to step up to the next level of whole-home audio in your Whitefish, MT smart home? Read more below to find out how! 

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Motorized Shades Bring Sophistication and Energy Savings to Your Home


The Whisper-Quiet Performance of Lutron Shades Are Crafted for Elegant Homes Like Yours 

Shades complete a room, transforming it from looking like an incomplete and uninviting space into a warm room full of ambiance. While window treatments provide the final fit and finish to a home, they also serve a crucial function in maintaining your Whitefish, MT smart home.  

Lutron motorized shades are an essential component in reducing energy costs, providing privacy, and managing the use of daylighting elements. When combined with circadian-based lighting systems, automated shades will also become a part of an overall wellness approach in your Whitefish, MT home.  

Available in styles and fabrics that complement any décor, Lutron motorized shades meet the needs of both functionality and aesthetics. Are you ready to bring more sophistication and benefits to your windows? Read below to find out more.  

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Lutron Lighting Controls Provide Vitality and Sophistication to Your Home


Add Personalization and Aesthetics to Your Home with Lighting That Fits Your Needs and Lifestyle 

Light can transform your home by creating ambiance, setting a mood, and even contributing to personal wellness. Standard illumination often focuses on the practical solutions of guiding your way in the dark or as part of a security system.  

An intelligent home with Lutron lighting control provides you with the power to personalize your Whitefish, MT home to fit your lifestyle. Let the automation system transition lights through the day to match natural lighting or add more focused task illumination with the smart device of your choice. Add drama to a room, pep up the party, or bring warmth to a room as you prepare for bed.  

Are you intrigued by how lighting can enhance your smart home and lifestyle? Read below to find out more.  

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Upgrade Your Whole Home Wi-Fi for a Robust and Reliable Connection


Ensure Your Wireless Network Can Accommodate Entertainment and Remote Office Streaming

The network has become the home’s critical component; everything from smart devices, content streaming, smart home control, web browsing, and email runs on it. Having the right configuration and security is vital to reliable operation.

As more of us make working from home the “new normal” upgrading and ensuring that your home network can deliver secure and robust service is even more critical. This is especially true for your whole home Wi-Fi network.

Find out why your network may not be up to the job and how an upgrade for your Whitefish, MT smart home can keep your work and play going.

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