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5 Hidden Technology Solutions That Won’t Detract from Your Décor

An in-ceiling projector and in-ceiling speaker hidden technology solutions.

A Connected Home Doesn’t Have to Be Cluttered 

You’ve found the perfect wall paints or wallpaper. You’ve hung artwork in all the right places. Furniture settles cozily around the fireplace, and it feels like home. But where should the TV go? 

Choosing a location for the TV and other technology is a common source of strife in relationships. Some people don’t mind the appearance, but others think a television screen or surround sound speakers detract from a room’s design. 

Thankfully, AV manufacturers are catching up with this conflict. It’s no longer just about making screens thinner; it’s about camouflaging audio, video, and home automation solutions to blend discreetly within your home. 

Here’s how these five hidden technology solutions can elevate the appearance of your Kalispell, MT, home. 

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Technology Hidden in Plain Sight – Imagine That in Your Home!


Speakers and TVs Don’t Need to Be the Focal Pieces of a Room 

Your home is your getaway from the outside world, and you’ve spent a lot of time and effort to perfectly curate the décor. You selected every finish, fabric, and art piece to create the perfect ambiance, and technology can detract from the atmosphere you worked so hard to produce. 

Having an impressive audio and video setup doesn’t need to detract from your style. With hidden technology solutions, you can hide away your speakers and TVs in a few different ways. Keep scrolling below to learn how discrete solutions with no visual footprint can leave a lasting impression on your entertainment experience in Bigfork, MT! 

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