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Modern rustic living room with wood grain floors, cathedral ceilings, and mountain view through large windows.


From the decor to the landscaping, your home reflects you. The technology behind a whole-home automation system should enhance your lifestyle while meeting your needs and desires.

Whether you are looking to improve wellness through climate control and circadian-based lighting, superior home entertainment options, or security, bringing it all together elevates every moment in your Montana home.

Before any equipment is installed, we start with a conversation. Our expert team is passionate about exceeding your expectations; only after listening do we design a home ecosystem personalized to you.

Are you looking to improve your home in the Homestead or Landmark community? Eyehear Technology Group provides comprehensive home automation services for customers throughout the Flathead Valley region. Keep reading to discover more.

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Design for Success, Partner with a Premier Home Theater Integrator


Discover How Working with Eyehear Exceeds Your Clients Expectations and Increases Value

The demand for new homes is greater than ever in Whitefish, MT, and the surrounding area. According to surveys, the reasons are multiple, partially looking for spaces that allow them to escape the grind of urban living and the freedom to truly breathe. 

The demographic of folks emigrating from the coasts also tend to skew professional and younger. This clientele is looking to enhance the small-town feel with contemporary amenities and expects smart home technologies as standard. High on the wish list are home theaters and dedicated media rooms.

When offering experiences that exceed expectations, you want a trusted partner with the highest industry certifications and staff passionate about getting the job done right. Are you looking for a team that satisfies potential homeowners' desires with a keen eye on margins? Continue reading below to find out how Eyehear is your best choice. 

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Home Automation Brings Better Living


Enhance Your Lifestyle with Technology That Caters to Your Expectations 

Your home is a reflection of your aesthetic, desires, and lifestyle. As a trusted smart home company, we offer you the convenience and luxury of entertainment, security, and automated processes – all with the touch of a button. 

Home automation allows you to personalize your space, enhancing how you live and work. A modern home is one that can be experienced rather than simply occupied. Therefore, your interactions with each room are as vital as the whole-home operations.  

Are you intrigued to see how an automated Kalispell, MT home can stimulate the senses and soothe the soul? Continue reading below to find out more.  

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Media Room or Home Theater: Which Is Best For Your Home?


Ask Yourself These Questions to Determine Which Entertainment Space You Need

You may have heard the terms home theater and media room thrown around, but do you know the difference between the two? Both are entertainment spaces found in homes throughout Montana, but the two areas are fundamentally different.

Keep reading to learn three questions you should ask yourself before deciding between a media room or home theater system for your Bigfork home.

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