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Add Value to Your Home with Outdoor Entertainment Solutions

A Samsung TV is hung on an outdoor patio wall with a mountain view in the distance.

Plan the Perfect Backyard Space for Relaxation and Fun

How often do you find yourself enjoying backyard entertainment? Are you taking advantage of all the space your home has? From outdoor kitchens to gazebos, living rooms, fire pits, and more, homeowners everywhere are turning outdoor spaces into additional square footage. With a slowing real estate market, these nice-to-have features can attract future home buyers and increase the selling price.

If you're beginning to plan for enhancements to your outdoor area as summer approaches, continue reading for ways to build an outdoor entertainment oasis in your Polson, MT, or Flathead Valley home. 

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Integrated Smart Lighting Solutions Are Part of a More Efficient Home

A Savant smart lighting control switch featuring four buttons for preset scenes.

Learn How Savant Is the Answer to Your Smart Lighting Questions

Do you ever feel like your place could be just a little bit brighter on those long nights working in the home office? Are you waking up to the sun on your face every weekend? Would you like to set the mood in any room at home with just a tap on your smartphone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Savant lighting solutions are worth a look! 

From smart lights and interfaces to tunable LED fixtures that directly impact your health, Savant is setting a new industry standard in lighting control. What does that mean for our clients? Whether you are in Bigfork, MT, or anywhere else in Flathead Valley, Eyehear Technology Group has partnered with Savant to bring you the latest lighting solutions and home automation technologies. Read on to learn more about the lighting solutions we have in store!

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The Power of Savant’s IP Audio

A wall-mounted Savant touch panel displaying the song currently playing.

The Optimal Performance, Connectivity & Versatility of a Savant Home Music System 

A state-of-the-art home music system is at the heart of every luxury property in Flathead Valley, so why should your place in Kalispell, MT, be any different? After all, you want nothing but the best for you and your loved ones. 

At Eyehear Technology Group, we can help! Our team of technology integrators, certified to work with all the industry-leading brands, will design, install, and automate the perfect sound system for your home. And if it is perfection you are after, Savant is likely to play a central role. 

Read on to learn how Savant can transform your listening experience, giving you access to an endless, cross-platform music library from the convenience of an app, smart remote, or on-wall keypad.

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Experience Savant Home Technology for a Seamless Automation Experience

Photo of a cozy home theater with low lighting.

Savant Can Add Innovation, Comfort, and Advanced Tech Solutions to Your Current Home Automation

As a brand-new Savant dealer, the team at Eyehear Technology Group is beyond excited to help you enhance what you love about your Whitefish, MT, home through Savant home automation solutions. We look forward to pairing our excellent service with Savant, a leader in home automation, to create the ultimate experience in installation and upgrades to your home's critical technologies. 

From home theater systems to whole-home audio and lighting, there are endless options for incorporating Savant into your home. Keep reading to discover the incredible benefits of Savant integration that Eyehear Technology Group now provides. 

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Come Visit Us at Our Lighting Showroom!

Experience Lutron at Our Showroom Before Taking Home the Industry Standard in Lighting\

Lutron is a leading provider of lighting control systems and motorized window treatments, setting the industry standard in product quality, innovative engineering, and beauty. Their products are often designed to command attention and admiration. But beyond admiring them, Lutron lights and shades must be experienced. 

At Eyehear Technology Group, our new one-of-a-kind lighting showroom near Polson, MT, features the latest and most popular Lutron products, all automated to give our visitors an unforgettable experience. When you visit us, you can feel how Lutron can enhance your life at home!

Here is a brief review of what to expect at the showroom, whether you come visit from Polson or anywhere else in Montana.

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Enjoy Complete Control Over Natural Light with Motorized Shades

a living room with white sofas and motorized shades.

Make your home more private, comfortable, and energy efficient with motorized window treatments

Window treatments are one of the lesser talked about home additions. While they are considered essential, they often blend into the background. 

But motorized shades offer considerable advantages over conventional solutions. For starters, the shades throughout your home can be operated from one central hub, so that means no more manually opening or closing of the window treatments. And that is just one of the many benefits they have to offer. The noiseless, smooth function of the smart shades makes them a worthwhile investment for homes in Eureka, MT and throughout the Flathead Valley. 

Read on to discover how motorized window treatments can elevate your comfort, energy efficiency, and privacy. 

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A Lutron Dealer Can Make All the Difference in Your Lifestyle

a bedroom with lamps sitting on the bedside tables.

Discover the latest lighting and shading solutions by working with a Lutron installer

Lutron is one of the most trusted brands used in luxury homes. The smart, simple, and convenient lighting and shading solutions by Lutron are top-tier and remain the most popular choice by homeowners. 

A Lutron system is all you need if you wish to experience the true potential of lighting and shading. But to unlock the latest solutions, working with a Lutron dealer is essential. Read on to discover how working with Eyehear Technology Group, a Lutron Diamond dealer, can benefit your home in Kalispell, MT, or the Flathead Valley. 

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Experience a Luxury Lifestyle with Control4 Installation

a Control4 touch panel mounted on the wall of a living room.

Comfort, convenience, and security: Control4 offers an all-in-one solution

Control4 is one of the most widely used home automation systems available today. The main reason behind the company’s popularity is its convenient and user-friendly smart home interface. It is the ultimate control system that can connect to all of your home technologies. 

In addition, it offers flawless compatibility with thousands of third-party products, making it the perfect addition if you want to upgrade the level of luxury and control in your home. In other words, it doesn’t matter which brands or products you use at home; every device can be operated via Control4 installation

Read on to discover how Control4 home automation can enhance the lifestyle at your Polson, MT, home. 

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Enjoy the Ultimate, Immersive Home Audio Experience

A bedroom overlooking the mountains with in-ceiling speakers and a TV display descended from the ceiling.

A Whole Home Audio System Delivers High-Fidelity Sound Throughout Your Home

Imagine waking to your “Good Morning” playlist softly streaming through your bedroom. When you head into the kitchen, your favorite newscaster reports the day's events. As you prepare for work, your treasured Bruce Springsteen vinyl plays “Born to Run” throughout your home, high-fidelity audio filling the air. 

All this and much more is possible with a whole-home audio system. Let’s explore the makings of a distributed audio system and how it’s transforming homes in Eureka, MT, and the Flathead Valley. 

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Here’s How to Put Lighting Control at Your Fingertips

A home with smart lights and a Control4 wall panel.

How Control4 Brings Your Home’s Lighting into the Future

Turning a light on and off may not sound like much, but programming hundreds of them to adjust to sunlight every morning at six is rather impressive. It is also really easy to do with a professionally installed Control4 and a Lutron lighting control system. 

At Eyehear Technology Group, we are the leading experts on home automation in all of Flathead Valley. For anyone looking into the best lighting control solutions, we often recommend Control4 and Lutron to our clients in Polson, MT.

From seamless integration with other brands to unmatched adaptability and universal control features, Control4 is your safest bet when updating and automating existing lighting systems.

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3 Essential Components of Home Security Systems

A home technology expert installing a video surveillance camera.

Keep Your Home Protected 24/7 with Cutting-Edge Security Technology

Protecting your family and home is the main priority for many homeowners. Luckily, advanced technology has made it easier to protect your property from threats such as home invasion, fire, and other disasters. A smart security system is a game changer in home protection and gives you unrivaled peace of mind that your home is safe even when you’re away. 

If you’re looking to install new home security systems or upgrade the current one on your Homestead, MT property, then you should look into these three crucial technologies.

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Add Light and Life to Your Home by Working with a Lutron Integrator

a dining room with red walls, ambient lighting, and motorized shades.

Enhance your home’s comfort by working with One of Montana’s Premier Lutron integrator

What makes a house a home? You might think of family, good company, great food, and thrilling home entertainment! And you wouldn’t be wrong. But all of those disappear into the shadows without home lighting. That’s why your home needs a system that puts you in complete control of artificial and natural light. 

Standard lighting systems and shading solutions won’t suffice. Today’s top brands offer lighting fixtures and motorized shades that give you seamless control while elevating the beauty of your home, but none compare to the convenience and comfort of Lutron. 

Below we highlight why Lutron is considered one of the leading lighting brands in residential spaces. But first, find out why it’s important to partner with a certified Lutron dealer to get the most out of their cutting-edge lighting and shading products in your residence in Kalispell, MT, and all of Flathead Valley.

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5 Benefits of Motorized Shades You Might Not Know About

 a living room with a round coffee table and sofas.

How motorized window treatments do much more than provide natural light control

Shades are perhaps the most underrated features in a home. To some, they simply exist to serve a purpose: to provide natural lighting control. However, they offer much more than that! Motorized window treatments offer many other advantages over ordinary shades. 

In this blog, we throw open the shades to reveal the beneficial aspects of motorized shades! Read on to discover the top five reasons why your home in Kalispell, MT, or the Flathead Valley needs these window treatments. 

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The Benefits of Using a Designer for Home Lighting Automation

a bathroom with a modern bathtub, walk-in closet, and overhead lighting

Let the pros handle your lighting design to enhance functionality and home aesthetics

The lighting system of your home plays an essential role in the functionality of your space and beauty of your rooms. While choosing the right furnishings and décor can enhance any space, a personalized and professional lighting design ensures an attractive home. In addition, lighting can impact your mood and promote wellness. But to achieve all these benefits, you need help from a professional lighting designer. 

Eyehear Technology Group is a home lighting automation integrator that not only transforms the aesthetics of your home but also offers hassle-free control and boosted functionality. Read on to discover three ways we can perform a luxury lighting makeover at your home in Whitefish, MT or the Flathead Valley area. 

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Add Audiophile Quality Sound without Distracting from Aesthetics

Elegant and modern living room with hardwood floors, a gas fireplace, a wall-mounted TV, and invisible Sonance speakers

Discover How Invisible Speakers Maintain Clean Lines and an Open Floor Space

Music has a remarkable influence on motivation, inspiration, and how individuals feel. Regardless of how well built or designed, a house where music is “thin” or cannot fill the living spaces creates a sense of emptiness. However, Eyehear Technology Group can bring your home to life with a professional sound system installation. 

The design and decor of a home, from the architectural lines to the furnishings and personalized touches, are a reflection of a homeowner's desires and inner life. While dedicated listening rooms have their place, there is no need for bulky cabinets unless you enjoy tall floor-standing speakers. Invisible speakers add vibrancy and energy without taking up floor space. 

If you are looking for a better way to blend a passion for music with a highly tuned aesthetic at your Kalispell, MT home, click through to learn more. 

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Must-Haves for Your Home Theater System

home theater with beige furniture, large projection screen, and projector

Create a Premium Movie-Watching Experience

Elevate movie night from basic to premium when you invest in a top-notch home theater system. Bring the screen, the sound, the ease, and even the smell of popcorn into your residence in Whitefish, MT, and experience movies the way they were intended on a big screen.

We'll leave it up to you how you decorate and who you invite. But you won't go wrong when considering these recommendations of must-haves for your home theater system from our team at Eyehear Technology Group.

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Experience New Dimensions in Our Lighting Showroom

Experience New Dimensions in Our Lighting Showroom 1

Discover How the Right Illumination Elevates Your Living Spaces and Lifestyle

Light is a powerful medium. With the flip of a switch, you can transform every aspect of your living space. Beyond the practical, you can set the mood, create ambiance, and keep your property safe, and improve wellness. 

By partnering with Lutron and our expert team, you gain the power to craft a personalized experience. Whether you rely on automation to transition through the day or manually set the right look, you gain newfound energy and focus. 

Are you curious about the possibilities better lighting can bring to your Big Fork and Whitefish MT home? Read more below to get started and experience it for yourself!

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Eyehear Technology Groups hi-fi showroom featuring McIntosh, theater seats, and floorstanding speakers.


Although we live in a thoroughly technological world, there is magic to be found all around us, from the many visual wonders of our world to the sounds of the Earth. In fact, the sound of things is essential to forming and continuing creativity, constructivism, and culture. 

The act of listening to music, natural songs of birds, the rustle of trees, or the pleasant chatter of people generates a response in nearly every area of the brain. Whether you place a needle on an Orville Peck record or swing to the Bluegrass-tinged songs of the local favorites The Kitchen Dwellers, the first note or chord changes your perspective. 

Are you in search of an integrator in the Whitefish, MT, area that is as passionate about audio as you? Continue reading below to find out how you can experience the best with a visit to our Hi-Fi audio showroom

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Enliven Your Backyard With An Outdoor Sound System

Audiophile-Quality Music Makes The Move To Your Outdoor Spaces 

Outdoor entertaining at your Montana home is likely one of your great pleasures, especially because living in the city of Kalispell includes stunning mountain views, fresh air, and pristine waterways on the Flathead River. The freedom to expand living spaces beyond the walls of your smart home opens possibilities for all of your activities, from celebrating family milestones, enjoying game-day get-togethers, or just relaxing by the pool.

An outdoor speaker system generates the excitement, inspiration, and energizing power of your music without compromising quality. Whether it is a night under the stars or a lazy Sunday barbeque with the family, you can hear every detail and feel every low bass line. 

Are you ready to enjoy more of your outdoor spaces? Continue reading below to learn more.

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Gain Energy Savings & Privacy with Motorized Shades

Sophisticated open concept dining room with sunlight streaming through fashionable motorized shades.

Automated Window Treatments Combine Fashion & Functional Benefits That Keep You in Ultimate Comfort

Shades bring ambiance, elegance, and style to a room. A room without window treatments appears barren and unfinished, lacking an inviting warmth. And there are more benefits to window coverings than just fashion! 

Motorized shades have many benefits beyond beauty; they can lower your energy usage and provide privacy. Shades can also be used as part of whole-home ecosystems and wellness plans. Managing natural and electric illumination helps regulate your circadian cycles, resulting in better sleep and daily focus. 

Are you interested in learning about the benefits for your Whitefish, MT home? Read below for more information.

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