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Enjoy Luxury & Convenience with Lutron Motorized Shades


The Palladiom Line Elevates Your Home’s Décor & More 

Homeowners love smart solutions that make life easier and make their homes look amazing, too. Smart security systems keep your property safe and illuminated, distributed audio keeps the music flowing, and tunable LED lighting promotes physical and mental wellness while lighting the way for activities throughout the home.  

In addition to these solutions, motorized shades offer a wide selection of fabrics and styles that complement décor, maximize natural sunlight, and make your home more convenient to manage. Eyehear Technology Group enjoys bringing automated shading solutions to Montanans and is the only Lutron Palladiom shade dealer in the Northwest area. Keep reading to learn more about the innovative Palladiom series of motorized shades and why you should consider them for your Big Fork, MT home. 

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Keep Properties & Families Safe with Home Security Systems


2 Innovative Ways to Use Your Alarm System

The winter months in Montana are upon us, and so is the task of preparing homes for winter. Cleaning gutters, checking the chimney for debris, and winterizing pipes are all common tasks completed this time of year, but have you considered evaluating your home security system as well?

A security system ensures your family and Kalispell-area property are safe and secure, not just from potential thieves but from weather events, too. Integrating your alarm system with your home automation control system makes your home an intelligent ally that can survive anything that Mother Nature tosses at it.

Read on below to learn two innovations made possible by pairing your home’s security system with home automation functionality.

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Listen to Your Favorite Audio Everywhere


Sonos Helps Keep the Music Flowing Throughout the Whole House

Imagine walking anywhere in your home and listening to your favorite audio with just a tap of your finger. Funky pop hits on the back patio, a true crime podcast in the kitchen, or a booming action scene in the media room are all possible thanks to whole-house audio systems.

From turntables to wired speakers to personal CD collections and more, every element of your system can sing by adding a few smart audio components. One of our favorite brands, Sonos, makes it easy to control everything from your favorite smart device in your Whitefish-area home.

Keep reading to learn how to make the most of whole-house audio and how to bring an easy listening experience to your Montana home that the entire family can enjoy.

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Media Room or Home Theater: Which Is Best For Your Home?


Ask Yourself These Questions to Determine Which Entertainment Space You Need

You may have heard the terms home theater and media room thrown around, but do you know the difference between the two? Both are entertainment spaces found in homes throughout Montana, but the two areas are fundamentally different.

Keep reading to learn three questions you should ask yourself before deciding between a media room or home theater system for your Bigfork home.

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