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Gain Energy Savings & Privacy with Motorized Shades

Sophisticated open concept dining room with sunlight streaming through fashionable motorized shades.

Automated Window Treatments Combine Fashion & Functional Benefits That Keep You in Ultimate Comfort

Shades bring ambiance, elegance, and style to a room. A room without window treatments appears barren and unfinished, lacking an inviting warmth. And there are more benefits to window coverings than just fashion! 

Motorized shades have many benefits beyond beauty; they can lower your energy usage and provide privacy. Shades can also be used as part of whole-home ecosystems and wellness plans. Managing natural and electric illumination helps regulate your circadian cycles, resulting in better sleep and daily focus. 

Are you interested in learning about the benefits for your Whitefish, MT home? Read below for more information.

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Create Comfort

It is well known that using natural sunlight in your home has positive attributes for the rooms' look and feel and the people who occupy them. Architects and interior designers have long loved how sunlight enhances a room, creating inviting and dramatic environments. 

Despite all of the positive aspects, sunlight does generate a byproduct of concern during the summer months here in Montana, namely heat. The power of the sun's rays streaming through your windows can quickly make a room unbearably warm, putting stress on your HVAC.

Lutron shades combined with a home automation platform monitor and maintain your home's internal temperatures, lowering shades in the afternoon to minimize the effects. Through the use of premium controllers and tunable illumination, you can balance the use of natural light. Automatically lower shades and sheers when triggered by sensors or manually control the amount of light you want.

Personal Privacy 

There is a saying that a home's soul is viewed through its windows. Modern architecture attempts to blur the boundaries between you and the outdoors, making nature a component of indoor living. While this Biophilic school of design can have positive effects, it also increases others' opportunity to see into your home. 

Your home is where comfort and security are essential; a sanctuary from the world's troubles. Automated shades allow you to control the level of privacy you want or need. 

Fashion That Is Functional 

The benefits shades bring to your ability to manage comfort, energy use, and privacy are clear. You and your design team crafted a specific look for your home; the window dressing should not be skimped on. We offer lines created after extensive consultation with interior designers, architects, and homeowners. There is a look that will suit your sense of style and needs for years to come. 

Update Your Home Today

Motorized window treatments transform your living spaces. Are you curious to learn even more? Schedule a visit to our showroom and see the power of Lutron window treatments for yourself. Start the conversation by calling us at (406) 752-3536 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to working with you.

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